A blog dedicated to Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson
I do not and will not take credit from anything unless stated it is my creation.
Even though I will not be watching the spin off, this blog will have gifs/pictures from said spin off.
NOTE- This blog runs on a queue.
- During TVD/Relijah episode breaks this blog will have Daniel/Claire pictures on until a Rebekah or/and Elijah episode has aired

make me choose:
↳ lovelyforbes asked: elijah mikaelson or klaus mikaelson

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If I want something, I’ll take it. And nothing- Nothing. Will stand in my way.

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Hayley or Rebekah ?

Send me two characters/houses/places/anything and I’ll tell you through a gifset which one I prefer!

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make me choose 

anonymous asked » rebekah or hayley

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Make me choose → go-on-and-try-to-tear-me-d0wn asked: Klaus Mikaelson or Elijah Mikaelson

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